STYLd Spotlight: Kembrel Menswear Store

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We get very excited when something new and fresh hits the fashion scene in Philly and boy have we found our new love!!!! has been around for two years, founded by three college students in Philadelphia studying at Wharton. Like any fashionable college student, they were always looking for affordable hip and unique clothes. brought that excitement and energy of community experience to fashion-conscious college students.

We discovered Kembrel’s pop-up shop while in the city pulling pieces for a photo-shoot.  Seeing a boutique filled with wearable pieces from unique, independent and local designers gave us fashion-joy on the inside!!

After doing a little shopping for ourselves and pulling for the photo-shoot the lovely team told us about their Menswear pop-up shop that was opening the following week. If you know D&D, you know the indescribable love we have for menswear…

(d1 wearing BlankNYC vegan leather jacket from Kembrel with Philadelphia-based jewelry designer, Abbie)

Kembrel’s menswear shop is located in Midtown (1219 Locust St) and is the home to many amazing brands like Duke & Winston, WeWood Watches and Ben Sherman…just to name a few.

During the grand opening we had an opportunity to speak with the CEO, Stephan Jacob, about the beginning days of Kembrel and his passion for creating an esthetic full of upstart creators right next to classic brands we know and love. We must say his team has done an outstanding job!!! Walking into the men’s store you feel like you’re at an around-the-way shop that you can hangout all day in your most unique attire and enjoy the company of other fashion lovers.

Whether we are shopping for ourselves or for clients, Kembrel is our new go-to spot in Philly! This wont be the last you see of Kembrel on A STYLd LIFE.

Ladies, don’t forget to checkout their pop-up shop in Rittenhouse (1822 Chestnut St). If you aren’t in the Philadelphia area head over to





STYLd Spotlight: Gabby Douglas

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I know everyone is glued to their TV watching the Olympics! I was overjoyed today when everyone was so excited for Gabby Douglas of the USA Women’s Gymnastics team. Not only did the women win the gold, but today GABBY won gold in the Women’s Gymnastics All-Around.

Just to make it to the Olympics is a huge accomplishment for any of the participants. However, Gabby has made history at the young of  16! Gabby’s strong faith and perseverance  is a true testament to your destiny being great when you stay on the journey. Checkout the story of Gabby’s mom, Raising an Olympian.

As the song played when she won, Gabby you’re a FIREWORK!



(Photo source: The Washington Post)


STYLd Spotlight: Jill Milan

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We recently had the pleasure to meet with Jen Abrams and her assistant Julie (we heart those gals) for cocktails. After chatting for a few I couldn’t help but notice their amazing arm candy. Being the handbag lover that I am, I immediately got the deets on this stylish bag- Nob Hill Evening Bag by Jill Milan!! This bag transitions well from day to night, adding a touch of sophistication to your casual denim look or as a clutch paired with the perfect evening dress.

I was hooked immediately when the bag caught my eye, but I became OBSESSED once learning  Jill Milan bags are made from natural luxurious materials- No leather, fur or other animal derived materials… How STYLd is that?!

Jill Fraiser and Milan Lazich partnered in 2010 to create classic, luxury handbags. Each Jill Milan bag is a work of art, made in Italy by artisans who craft the best luxury accessories in the world! The bags are sewn by hand and the metalwork is all handmade. Every bag is created with the modern woman in mind.

We’ve seen Jill Milan in the hands of the most stylish celebrities, such as Jen Abrams, Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Hurley on Gossip Girls and many more.

Jill Milan has perfected the mix of elegant and timeless into luxury handbags that every woman could use in their wardrobe. WE ARE OBSESSED!





STYLd SPOTLIGHT: Sierra Woodstock

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A STYLd LIFE wants to introduce our readers to one of our mini STYLdnistas, Sierra Woodstock! She is an amazing 7th grader, at Eastern University Academy Charter School. She is known to be a leader among her classmates but more importantly, in her academics. Sierra is fireball of creativity which shows in her accessories that she never leaves home without. Her free-time is filled with drawing unique charms that will definitely give Juicy Couture a run for their money!

Sierra is a STYLdnista is her own right because she embraces who she truly is, being a lover of all the arts, from dance to sketching. Sierra has a quiet, laid-back spirit. Yet, her personality shines through her creative work and her love for color and prints.

We were overjoyed to learn that because of Sierra’s leadership skills and outstanding academics she was chosen along with 4 other students to go on a mission trip to Costa Rica! HOW AMAZING??! Sierra will have the opportunity to spend a little over a week helping to build schools for the children of Costa Rica. We believe this is a once in a lifetime chance for a 7th grader to experience a culture completely different from her own and also use her gifts and talents to give back.

We don’t want anything to stand in the way of Sierra getting to Costa Rica! If you would like to help support Sierra and her family in their efforts to assure she is apart of this mission please donate to her fund at using this email address:

Thank you for supporting Sierra’s STYLd LIFE!

xoxo d1


STYLd Spotlight: The King and Queen of Rittenhouse

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Custom suits and shirts for the contemporary gentlemen, made by hand in the USA. Vintage military inspired YSL blazer, Chanel cashmere sweater, vintage Kenzo dress to die for, Oh and I can’t forget Christian Louboutins just for fun.  Shall I go on or have you already escaped reality?

This is not only the reality but the careers of Craig Arthur von Schroeder of Commonwealth Proper and Brooke Dillion of The Katacomb:Vintage.

Photo Credit: Big Rube Street Gazing

Monday we had the privilege to enjoy an evening with Brooke in her Rittenhouse brownstone, which is also the home to her thriving business, The Katacomb: Vintage.  We were greeted at the door by Brooke, dressed in all black (fashionable, of course) with her graceful Siamese cats perched on the chair behind her.  As we walked downstairs to immerse ourselves in all the vintage we couldn’t help but ask  Brooke what fragrance she used in her home. She pointed to the candles and said “my signature scent.”  We would love to share, but we vowed not to tell. When we reached the bottom step we were taken into a place we didn’t want to return from, The Katacomb! The walls were grey, the lights were dim and to our left were rare vintage pieces from some of the worlds greatest designers.  Accessories, such has pink Nina Ricci sunglasses and black leather top-handle bags were displayed on vintage furniture that took us back to an old Victorian home. As we started pulling pieces, Brooke shared stories about each piece which made us fall in love even the more. After an hour, our  racks were full and we begun  to try on our favorites. While trying on,  Brooke explained that each piece could be tailored, whether for fit or to change the lining in a blazer, she could make it perfect. As the conversation continued we learned her business partner, Craig, is a men’s suit and shirt maker and his showroom was in walking distance, as if the night could get any better!

We quickly put on our coats grabbed our bags and made our way to Commonwealth Proper.  As we approached the showroom the windows were cracked and we could get a peek of the sophisticated “men’s cave” we were allowed access to.  The showroom was definitely a place for the contemporary gentlemen, leather couches, whiskey bar, floor standing mirror with a deer head mounted above and some of his suits displayed in the corner, tailored to perfection. Craig was in the middle of a fitting with an actor who is in Philly taping a movie, so we didn’t stay long. However, from what we did discuss it was evident that Craig’s number one priority is to help his clients make the proper choice for their lifestyle.  He takes pride in men having confidence and always looking their best. This was definitely a night we didn’t want to end, but we said our goodbyes in hopes to see them again.

Learn more about The Katacomb:Vintage and Commonwealth Proper


STYLd Spotlight: Moda Italiana

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I must start off by saying I had an amazing weekend celebrating major business moves with some friends. Whenever I am out I have a habit of people watching (don’t judge me), I love seeing people’s different styles…this excites my life. 

While dining at Valanni we met some cool Italian guys that were vacationing (excuse me…on holiday) in Philly to visit their  family owned restaurant. I told them I wanted to share with our followers their Italian fashion. STYLd!

I love to see people embrace their style and wear it with confidence. It’s not just about what you wear, but more importantly HOW you wear it.


STYLd Spotlight: Michelle Obama

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First Lady Michelle Obama looked stunning at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards dinner. She wore a fishtail dress from Michael Kors’ Fall 2010 Collection. #STYLd


STYLd Spotlight: Anthony Williams

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If you follow A STYLd LIFE on twitter I’m sure you’ve seen me tweeting about the fashion on VH1′s Single Ladies (honestly, the only reason I watch). Last night I said to myself I have to google the stylist, because Val ‘s (Stacey Dash) wardrobe is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Well to my surprise, I HAVE SEEN THIS FACE BEFORE…. have you?

Anthony L. Williams from season 7 of Project Runway!!! I was so excited to see this because the moment I seen his first design I thought, AMAZING! Anthony not only stood out because of his designs on Project Runway but he had such a bubbly personality which made the judges laugh when they wanted to be serious. Anthony won one of the best challenges on Project Runway, to design a dress for Heidi Klum to wear on the cover of Marie Claire.

I guess you can’t say winners take all…I haven’t heard about the winner from season 7 but Anthony is doing the darn thing on Single Ladies as Stacey Dash’s stylist.

Anthony creates most of Stacey’s looks by combining vintage pieces such as the white cutout vintage Thierry Muglier dress.

My ultimate fav was the pink bow top and green skirt cut from Carolina Herrera fabric.

With talks of a second season I’m sure Anthony isn’t slowing down anytime soon and I look forward to seeing more of his STYLd looks

Learn more about Anthony here Anthony L Williams and follow him on twitter @SewAnthony


STYLd Spotlight: Chau Har Lee

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Who is Chau Har Lee? Only an AMAZING shoe designer you MUST know! Her shoe designs are sculptural art for your feet. Check out the photos below…they leave me breathless…

They are available on a made-to-order basis at Selfridges in London. I think it’s time for a Styld trip, I must acquire some!!