Redefining Style with Arian Simone

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Last week I downloaded Fearless magazine to read an article by the guest editor, Meagan Good. After browsing through the pages and being amazed by the encouragement, honesty and positivity of the publication, I wanted to know more about the founder. Stumbling upon a 12min video titled “Arian Simone’s Fearless Journey” I was hooked!

Well ladies, who knew from reading a magazine I would be so moved to dedicate my morning to learning more about such an amazing woman. After reading her story I had the opportunity to speak with Arian Simone about her career.

Arian Simone is not only the publisher of Fearless magazine; she is also an event planner, philanthropist and movie promoter who is credited for doing publicity and promotions for movies such as Takers, Stomp the Yard, Seven Pounds and many more.

If you were to ask Arian Simone how she accomplished so much in a short time, she will tell you she has been blessed throughout her career and believes anything is possible. As she shares in her testimony video, Arian Simone experienced going from an apartment in LA to living out of her car for almost a year. After one month of employment, she was laid off, having to sell her clothes and belongings to eat and keep gas in her car. Without having a place to live for seven months, Arian Simone’s trail forced her to build a strong relationship with Christ. Having no choice but to surrender to God, Arian Simone was soon referred to someone for her PR and Marketing work. This then led to seven other projects within two weeks. (Watch full testimony here)

Quickly getting back in the grove by promoting numerous of movies, Arian Simone discovered her purpose in life. Her fulfillment came from her gift of connecting with people, helping them to live their dreams. From that she is now able to use her gift in many forms; Fearless magazine, Live Your Dreams Program and The Socialite Beauty Bar.

Recently, Arian Simone learned that her DNA traces back to Cameroon, Africa, to a tribe know for their trade and businesses. She believes her business mentality is not only acquired but genetic. Being raised in Detroit and her father being a businessman, she is no stranger to entrepreneurship.

As a young entrepreneur it is very important to Arian Simone that she has a balance between a social and business life. Being a naturally organized person, she knows what she is doing every day by the hour. However, she says “you have to allow time for breaks and vacations because it brings fresh ideas.” She continues to feed herself with inspirational music and readings no matter what is on her agenda. In asking Arian Simone what advice she would give to her younger self, she mentioned to “be patient and enjoy every moment.”

Much of Arian Simone’s success comes from building relationships. She was able to have a dynamic FIRST cover for Fearless magazine because she shared her vision and used her resources. Working on a zero budget she was able to have eight elite actresses, a designer wardrobe, photographer and much more. Sharing one of her favorite quotes from Bishop T.D. Jakes, “Never let your finances dictate your vision,” she says “God has equipped us with everything we need; we just have to seek Him.” In the end, her first issue was bigger than she could imagine.

Arian Simone believes this generation is the rise of the creative class. She says that everyone should go after what they are passionate about; reciting a motto from Harvard- we are all born with ideas, you just have to learn how to make a profit.

Moving forward, Arian Simone is working on a prototype for The Socialite Beauty Bar in Birmingham, Michigan, which will house her own manufactured beauty products. Also, the new issue of Fearless magazine just released, featuring celebrity Guest Editor, Malika Haqq.

Arian Simone Enterprises is a true testament that it is possible to turn your passion into a career. If you stay connected to the source, build solid relationships and stay true to your purpose and passion anything is possible.

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Continue to live A STYLd LIFE





Redefining Style: Tweety Elitou

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We are always ranting and raving about how style is more than what you wear. Some may ask, what else is style? Well we have something for you! Our “Redefining Style” series highlights interviews with people who are living A STYLd LIFE.

Being home schooled, attending fashion events and blogging for young fashionistas, is all in a day’s work for our Redefining Style interviewee, Tweety Elitou. As the creator of Young Hip Chic blog, this Philadelphia native is a lover of fashion and a role model to teens. Whether it’s planning a Philadelphia network event for her fashion friends or doing webisodes on girl power, checkout what her young, hip and chic life is all about:

Name: Tweety Elitou

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Your Personal Style in 3 Words: Young Hip Chic

Favorite Designer: Betsey Johnson, she is so fun!

Must-have in your bag: Lip Gloss

How would you define style: Style is representing who you are. For me, I love representing my culture by wearing Native American inspired earrings- that’s my style.

Tell us about Young Hip Chic: Young Hip Chic is a blog that is about girl power, fashion, beauty and fun. I like to write about women who are positive and doing something that is inspiring, so young girls can know they don’t have to be a video vixen in order to get attention.

What was your defining moment that birthed Young Hip Chic: I was watching TMZ, and they were showing celebrities without any underpants on and I said “OMG, these are the role models that my little sister and other girls are looking up to.”  So, that was the defining moment when I said, I must be a role model for my sister and other girls.

How do you balance being a teenager and a blogger? I have my parents and family support, which is really necessary. My mom is my manager and best friend! It’s definitely hard work, but I realized how much I am helping, so that keeps me going. Also, being home schooled since the 4th grade as allowed me more freedom for Young Hip Chic.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date? Receiving emails from young girls telling me, how much I inspire’s the craziest feeling in the world. Oh how could I forget, getting recognition in Japan and Barbados!

What advice would you give girls that aspire to be in the fashion industry? Definitely get a mentor! Stick to what you want to do, even if you aren’t getting the response you want right away. Soon enough, people will pay attention.

What is on the horizon for Young Hip Chic? I just finished a new layout for the blog, and new webisodes! Also, I am planning another Walk The Talk event.

We enjoyed interviewing Tweety; it was refreshing to chat with a teenager that knows what she wants in life and is working very hard to be a success. Be sure to visit her blog Young Hip Chic.

We look forward to spotlighting other amazing people that are redefining style!




Redefining Style ~ Joy Pendleton

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There are many successful and talented secrets in Philadelphia,  A STYLd Life wants to shine a light on those hidden jewels. “Redefining Style”  is our way to show the person behind the talent. We tend to associate people with what they do in their daily lives, but many times their purpose and passion are deeper than what is seen on the surface. This movement will bring light to their true STYLE!


You can catch Joy (known by her clients as “BlessedHands”) almost anytime of the day cutting, coloring and styling hair in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, with a constant flow of women in and out of the salon.

Not only does Joy love doing hair, but her passion is to help women feel good about themselves. She wants her clients to have an unforgettable experience, no matter how they felt when they walked in. When Joy sees a need, she meets it. Working long days and nights, she doesn’t stop until she has made each and every client happy.

Joy’s main focus is not to make money but to change lives…. Now that’s REDEFINING STYLE!!

See more photos of Joy’s work on her Facebook page: Joy Pendleton